Posted by: Wagner IT | March 22, 2009

Combining Decompression Therapy With Core Strength Training

Tim Roach, 28 years old, Single, Roofer, Artist, Snowboarder & Yoga Instructor….
Relieve Pain*Re-Establish function*Reduce Inflamation

Tim Roach is a 28 year old who has worked for his dad’s company, Roach Contractors, for 13 years. He is also an avid snow boarder, surfer & skateboarder. His many other interests include painting, sculpting, woodworking, riding motorcycles and ATVs. Tim has suffered with low back pain for as many as 20 years, experiencing a dull ache, and also had pain in his right hip. He visited many different practitioners in the past, but the “roller coastering” pain was debilitating, and led Tim on a journey to find sustainable results.   

Acupuncture was something new, and luckily Tim found our good friend, Donald Goldstein, Ra-C, long time friend and colleague of Dr. Adam Wagner. After treating him several times, Don referred Tim to Dr. Wagner for further evaluation, and everything began to change.   After a thorough exam, Dr. Wagner found that Tim was suffering from bulging discs (disc compression syndrome) and a suspected partially separated vertebrae (spondylolisthesis), confirmed by an MRI,  and was a perfect candidate for Spinal Decompression Therapy. Tim received SDT and results were immediate. “After my 2nd decompression, I walked pain free for the first time in 2 years,” Tim told us. Then after several weeks of treatment, Tim’s pain and flexibility started to stabilize. That’s when Dr. Wagner felt he was ready to pursue “active treatment”.  

Next, our physical therapist assessed Tim. “Tim was an example of a very fit person who had never learned how to strengthen his core. He also has hyper mobility syndrome, which contributed to his injuries. Tim needed to stabilize his core to prevent the torqueing of his spine, which caused some of his problems. A lot of people do not learn correct techniques when they work out, and they can experience the kinds of problems Tim has had as a result,” our therapist explained.   

It’s been several months since Tim completed his therapies at Wagner Integrative Therapies, (formerly Vital Link), and since then, he has surfed in Tropical Storm Hannah, is back to work, is snowboarding, and is even pursuing a National Rating in the sport. “I’m back to doing all the things I love about life!”, said Tim, “thanks to Adam & The VL team
approach”.            Thanks Tim

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