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Definition of a Chiropractor

Once thought to be “alternative” to conventional medicine, in the new century, chiropractic is recognized as viable primary health care. At Vital Link Chiropractic, we provide patients with quality diagnosis & treatment options. When chiropractic is not appropriate or beneficial, I will refer my patients in the appropriate direction(s) to achieve the results they need.

I am often asked, “Can you help me?”  I always answer that I may not, but I have 15 years of experience and many treatment options available. One or more of those will likely lead to relief of symptoms. In some difficult cases, if the treatments I offer do not help significantly, I will help you find another exceptional professional who offers options I do not.

What defines “chiropractic” for me is my passion for my specialty, and my patients, and the thousands of experiences I draw upon to achieve a positive outcome for each and every patient I treat, even  when “treatment” means sending a patient in a different or complimentary direction.

Read on to find out why….

By Definition

According to Wikipedia;

“Chiropractic is a health care discipline and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.

Its root word is from Greek, chiro – “hand” + praktikos – “practical”. It is generally categorized as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), but chiropractors can, and often do, utilize the same techniques as other primary care providers, while also maintaining the attributes of a medical specialty.” (i)

I agree with this definition.  The treatment techniques we use at Vital Link Chiropractic usually involve manual therapy, sometimes including manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues, but we also utilize spinal decompression and therapeutic movement therapies, acupuncture; health & lifestyle coaching and exercise therapy.

The Evaluation is Key

As a chiropractor who specializes in multidisciplinary pain management, my first priority is diagnosing the cause of a patient’s pain, a process which involves a detailed physical exam and medical and personal history prior to treatment. This evaluation process is “primary” to the diagnosis of any individual’s condition, and will determine if chiropractic therapies are the right course of treatment.

The therapies I recommend to my patients are deliberately intended to work in concert with those of other primary care physicians or specialists. Through the evaluation process, I sometimes find the need to request labs or studies which may include blood work, x-ray or MRI, in order to confirm or eliminate a potential diagnosis.  Injury, disease and aging sometimes cause symptoms that appear to be unrelated to the obvious medical condition of a patient. Complete and thorough investigation with neurological, physical, and mechanical examination can reveal an underling cause which may have a tremendous impact on the treatments I recommend, and their overall results.

Is Chiropractic Medicine?


I have read that, “The difference between traditional medicine and chiropractic medicine is the philosophy behind the medicine… conventional doctors localize the cause of the disease and treat it at its smallest region… chiropractors treat the body in a holistic nature…Chiropractors understand that it is important to not just treat the symptoms, but to resolve the underlying problems as well.” (ii) This begets the need for an integrative approach.

I am happy that, in my practice, I have found many area medical doctors who comprehend and embrace their patient’s need for a integrative approach, especially when confronted with challenging pain syndromes and symptoms related to injury, age or disease.

Having a strong cooperative professional relationship with area doctors has increased the success rate for my patients. It has also enabled my patients to benefit fully from the true and original intent of chiropractic medicine, to be administered in congress with other allopathic and complimentary treatment options.  

Explore Your Options

“Holistic” does not always mean that non-traditional medical care is the quintessential solution, but it does mean that the holistic physician treats the “whole” body. VLC offers patients the benefits of holistic primary care, state-of-the-art technology, experienced non-invasive pain management, and a variety of services that address our patient’s needs.

I encourage you to discuss your options with your medical doctor, investigate my website & blog, share my e-newsletters, and tell your friends and family about your experience with us. Or, stop by to see my facility, learn more about what we do, and discover Vital Link Chiropractic for yourself.

Each patient’s outcome is more important to me than retention or potential income. What is important to me, is you……..

J. Adam Wagner, D.C.


(ii) Chiropractic Controversy by Sarah Labdar

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