Posted by: Wagner IT | February 25, 2011

Get the care you need following an Auto Accident:

Auto Accident Check List
There is no better way to ruin a day than to get into an auto accident! Fortunately, most accidents do not involve serious or life threatening injuries. However, even if no bones are broken, you may wake up in a day or two with back or neck pain, the result of soft tissue damage. Soft tissue injury is a very common result of trauma from an auto accident. Dr. J. Adam Wagner has over 15 years of experience treating the types of injuries that occur in auto collisions. The good news is, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and medical deep tissue massage are covered under auto insurance policies. (Some monetary restrictions may apply)In order to access your auto insurance claim benefits on your behalf, we will need:1) Your claim number – provided by your insurance company

2) The name and address of your insurance company

3) Your insurance adjuster’s name and phone number

Onset of pain and discomfort from a collision is often only a few days, but can sometimes take longer to become problematic. If your medical doctor or emergency room visit has established that you do not have serious injury, then why not seek a non-invasive, non-narcotic option for the relief of chronic pain, stiffness, head ache & joint trauma? After all, Vital Link Chiropractic specializes in the type of multi-disciplinary pain management that is exactly what you need to expedite your recovery from an auto accident.

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