Posted by: Wagner IT | July 23, 2011

So Cool it’s HOT!

What’s Cool at VLC?

It has been brutally hot this summer! Temperatures are expected to plunge to 85 degrees soon! Wow, can’t wait……

At VLC, we are adding a COOL way for our patient’s to discover the
pain-relieving benefits of acupuncture! It’s called, “scalp acupuncture”.

While you are relaxing with decompression therapy, stim, heat, ice or ultra-sound, you can reach a deeper, more profound sense of sedation and relaxation just by adding this painless procedure. It is done in conjunction with your regular chiropractic visit, saving you time.

You will emerge with a pleasant feeling of calm, your muscles and joints will benefit more deeply, and you will feel amazing! It is only $25 to add this service. We believe you will agree that is worth every bit and more.

Can 7 needles to the head really make a difference? YES THEY CAN!

When you call or email for your next appointment, tell us you want to add “scalp acupuncture”, and we will schedule you when J.P. is in the office with Dr. Wagner.

For you needle phobes out there, just ask J.P. to let you try 1 needle to experience his gentle touch and technique.

Try it. You will love the results!

Wishing good health,

Vicki Messina

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