Posted by: Wagner IT | October 12, 2012

Thanks for writing!

I received another amazingĀ letter today, and wanted to share it, in part, with you all. Thank you L.H. for taking the time to share how you are doing with us, and for trusting us with your care!

Hi Vicki,

…I’m looking forward to seeing your new place, and am so happy to see things going so well for all of you!! It always has been such a positive atmosphere to come to…even on my bad days…and JP has a very special place in healing my body and soul… He is a very wise and humble guy, who not only knows his craft, but, is constantly learning and sharing his knowledge with others without even knowing or caring… That’s the sweetest thing of all, it’s just his nature… purely caring…

It just doesn’t’ exist everywhere… people always have an agenda. Not a bad thing, we have to pay our bills, but, the way all of you at WIT blend these two opposites together is very powerful…

For those of us that are ill, we dream of this, finding an organization that cares more about the people and how they care about the people, then on the money… For me, it’s plain and simple… It’s just not out there in the world today… It gets too big, and it’s becomes too much about efficiency, then about the actual product (as in the care that is provided and the success rate of teaching people how to help themselves and find wellness in a way that can work for them)… Thanks for offering me a way to be back!!!! And let me know about the scheduling, L.H.

Good morning L.H.,

It is always such a pleasure to get emails like this. We can’t express how much it means to hear, in your thoughtful words, how you are doing and how your life is changing. That we had any positive part to play, we are grateful for the acknowledgment. The true work, of course, was directed and executed by YOU! …when you decide to find and get what you need, take control of it the way that you have, and understand that you deserve it, then change happens. YOU made those changes. We may facilitate those changes, but YOU made the commitment, and were open to the possibilities. YOU are exactly why we do what we do the way we do it.

We are proud to be part of your support team!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


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