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What a Great Day! Thank you Dee Wallace!

Posted by: Wagner IT | December 21, 2011

What’s New In Business? We are…

Phillyburbs writer Crissa Shoemaker DuBree picked up our story! Dec. 20

Read all about it! 

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Meet Dee Wallace at our Re-Naming Celebration!

Wagner Integrative Therapies, (formerly Vital Link Chiropractic)

Official Re-Naming will occur on

Wednesday, Dec 21st at 11:00am!!!

We will be unveiling our new sign at this event. Ms. Wallace, the sister of a dear friend and local businessman, has generously offered to attend, and will sign autographs for registered attendees.

Actor, Healer, and Best Selling Author, DEE WALLACE, star of more than 90 feature films including  E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial & Cujo, will join us on Wednesday, December 21st at 11:00am for a private photo opportunity and autograph signing.

Space is limited. Patients, friends and family are invited to attend.



Additional parking is available at the new parking garage on N. Broad St 1 block south of our facility.

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Block Party Pics- Sept 17, 2011

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Join us Sept 17th for a Block Party!!!

Come Join us on Saturday

September 17th from 10 – 4



Block Party!

Demonstrations, Samples, Raffles, Mini-Massages, Give-Aways, Music, Art, Face Painting, Free SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessments, Book Signing: By Local Children’s Author/Illustrator, Kids Learn How To Make “Energy Balls”, Snacks, Pilates, Yoga, & MORE!!!



We Are Helping To Celebrate The Grand Opening Of Our Newest Neighbor, the Glu10Free Store.

Joining Us Are 7 Other Great Businesses All Focused On Health,
Wellness And Environmentally Friendly Products And Services.



The Brick Yard at 300 – 340 N. Broad St. Doylestown


Look For Our Ad In This Week’s Intelligencer!!!

Find this ad in The Intelligencer

Find this ad in The Intelligencer

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So Cool it’s HOT!

What’s Cool at VLC?

It has been brutally hot this summer! Temperatures are expected to plunge to 85 degrees soon! Wow, can’t wait……

At VLC, we are adding a COOL way for our patient’s to discover the
pain-relieving benefits of acupuncture! It’s called, “scalp acupuncture”.

While you are relaxing with decompression therapy, stim, heat, ice or ultra-sound, you can reach a deeper, more profound sense of sedation and relaxation just by adding this painless procedure. It is done in conjunction with your regular chiropractic visit, saving you time.

You will emerge with a pleasant feeling of calm, your muscles and joints will benefit more deeply, and you will feel amazing! It is only $25 to add this service. We believe you will agree that is worth every bit and more.

Can 7 needles to the head really make a difference? YES THEY CAN!

When you call or email for your next appointment, tell us you want to add “scalp acupuncture”, and we will schedule you when J.P. is in the office with Dr. Wagner.

For you needle phobes out there, just ask J.P. to let you try 1 needle to experience his gentle touch and technique.

Try it. You will love the results!

Wishing good health,

Vicki Messina

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LBP: What Works?

What will you do?

Chiropractic vs. Medication

What works best for Acute Low Back Pain?

Studies show there is no contest.

Usually when we experience acute low back pain, we first reach for the medicine cabinet, and second, call our primary care physician. Before you make an appointment with your PCP, consider what is routinely done all over the world, visit your chiropractor. Hopefully, the findings in this article will convince you to give your body a faster, safer, more effective chance for recovery.

J. Adam Wagner, D.C.

Read the results made available in the December 2010 edition of The Spine Journal:

A recent Study[i] conducted by the Chiropractic Hospital-based Interventions Research Outcomes or (CHIRO), which was published in the most frequently cited spine research journal in the world[ii], The Spine Journal, the facts are clear; “Patients with acute mechanical low back pain enjoy significant improvement with chiropractic care, but little to no improvement with the usual care they receive from a family physician.”

What’s more, after 16 weeks of care, patients who were treated by medical doctors “saw almost no improvement in their disability scores, were likely to still be taking pain drugs…and were unlikely to be referred to a doctor of chiropractic.”

The study was a randomized controlled trial which compared clinical practice guidelines including spinal manipulation administered by chiropractors, to “family physician-directed usual care” involving prescription or over-the-counter medications, and other treatments. Researchers found overwhelmingly that chiropractic spinal manipulation therapy, or CSMT, is “associated with significantly greater improvement in condition-specific functioning” than the family physician directed “usual care”.

Study Details:

The study incorporated two groups;

The SC, or “study care” group, receiving acetaminophen, a “progressive walking program” and up to four weeks of lumbar chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy.

The UC, or usual care group, receiving the primary physician’s discretionary recommendations for a variety of treatments, and referrals for studies to massage therapists, kinesiologists, and/or physiotherapists.

The participants were first seen by a spine physician and randomly assigned to either of the study groups. All care was provided at a hospital-based clinic. A Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (RDQ) was used at the beginning of care and again at 16 weeks, but also at 8 and 24 weeks.

The Findings:

Both groups showed improvement in 2 areas; physical functioning and bodily pain, but, the UC group “uniquely showed no improvement whatsoever in back-specific functioning (RDQ scores) throughout the entire study period.”

The study also found:

“The addition of NSAIDs and a form of spinal manipulative therapy or mobilization administered by a physiotherapist to the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, sacroiliac joint, pelvis, and hip (compared with a detuned ultrasound as placebo manipulative therapy), to family physician ‘advice’ and acetaminophen were shown to have no clinically worthwhile benefit when compared with advice and acetaminophen alone.”

More Findings:

After 16 weeks, “78% of patients in the UC group were still taking narcotic analgesic medications on either a daily or as needed basis.” (Only 6 percent of this group received chiropractic care.)

Condition-specific improvement after 16 weeks “clearly favored the SC group, with mean RDQ improvement scores of 2.7 in the SC group compared with only 0.1 in the UC group.”

While the difference in improvement “was not quite as significant at 8 weeks,” it was found to be “clearly significant at 24 weeks of follow-up.”

Get your life back!

The Conclusion:

“Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines have been established for acute mechanical low back pain in many countries around the world, but sadly, most primary care medical doctors don’t follow these guidelines.”

In my practice, I am pleased to report that, my efforts to develop relationships with area family practice and internal medicine physicians have enjoyed some measure of success. Many of my patients are referred directly to me by leading area medical doctors. Unfortunately, I still see too many patients who have been referred to too many specialists and have been exposed to far too many laboratory studies before they get to my office. My goal is to affirm the efficacy of the care my patients receive to every physician in the area, and to honor and respect the benefits of our complimentary relationship to ensure our patient’s optimum relief of their pain and discomfort.

Enjoy every phase of YOUR life!

If you have a primary care physician or specialist that you would like me to contact with more information about what I do at Vital Link Chiropractic, please email me at I would be pleased to contact them personally.

[i] Bishop PB, Quon JA, Fisher CG, Dvorak MFS. The Chiropractic Hospital-based Interventions Research Outcomes (CHIRO) Study: a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of clinical practice guidelines in the medical and chiropractic management of patients with acute mechanical low back pain. Spine Journal, 2010;10:1055-1064.
[ii] Brunarski D. “Impact of the Chiropractic Literature.” Dynamic Chiropractic, Dec. 2, 2010;28(25).

To read the entire article:

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Get the care you need following an Auto Accident:

Auto Accident Check List
There is no better way to ruin a day than to get into an auto accident! Fortunately, most accidents do not involve serious or life threatening injuries. However, even if no bones are broken, you may wake up in a day or two with back or neck pain, the result of soft tissue damage. Soft tissue injury is a very common result of trauma from an auto accident. Dr. J. Adam Wagner has over 15 years of experience treating the types of injuries that occur in auto collisions. The good news is, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and medical deep tissue massage are covered under auto insurance policies. (Some monetary restrictions may apply)In order to access your auto insurance claim benefits on your behalf, we will need:1) Your claim number – provided by your insurance company

2) The name and address of your insurance company

3) Your insurance adjuster’s name and phone number

Onset of pain and discomfort from a collision is often only a few days, but can sometimes take longer to become problematic. If your medical doctor or emergency room visit has established that you do not have serious injury, then why not seek a non-invasive, non-narcotic option for the relief of chronic pain, stiffness, head ache & joint trauma? After all, Vital Link Chiropractic specializes in the type of multi-disciplinary pain management that is exactly what you need to expedite your recovery from an auto accident.

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Quilts For Kids – It’s a Wrap!

J. Adam Wagner, D.C., Dean Shull, Vicki Messina

Check out our Winter Fund Raiser CLICK HERE.

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Definition of a Chiropractor

Once thought to be “alternative” to conventional medicine, in the new century, chiropractic is recognized as viable primary health care. At Vital Link Chiropractic, we provide patients with quality diagnosis & treatment options. When chiropractic is not appropriate or beneficial, I will refer my patients in the appropriate direction(s) to achieve the results they need.

I am often asked, “Can you help me?”  I always answer that I may not, but I have 15 years of experience and many treatment options available. One or more of those will likely lead to relief of symptoms. In some difficult cases, if the treatments I offer do not help significantly, I will help you find another exceptional professional who offers options I do not.

What defines “chiropractic” for me is my passion for my specialty, and my patients, and the thousands of experiences I draw upon to achieve a positive outcome for each and every patient I treat, even  when “treatment” means sending a patient in a different or complimentary direction.

Read on to find out why….

By Definition

According to Wikipedia;

“Chiropractic is a health care discipline and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.

Its root word is from Greek, chiro – “hand” + praktikos – “practical”. It is generally categorized as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), but chiropractors can, and often do, utilize the same techniques as other primary care providers, while also maintaining the attributes of a medical specialty.” (i)

I agree with this definition.  The treatment techniques we use at Vital Link Chiropractic usually involve manual therapy, sometimes including manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues, but we also utilize spinal decompression and therapeutic movement therapies, acupuncture; health & lifestyle coaching and exercise therapy.

The Evaluation is Key

As a chiropractor who specializes in multidisciplinary pain management, my first priority is diagnosing the cause of a patient’s pain, a process which involves a detailed physical exam and medical and personal history prior to treatment. This evaluation process is “primary” to the diagnosis of any individual’s condition, and will determine if chiropractic therapies are the right course of treatment.

The therapies I recommend to my patients are deliberately intended to work in concert with those of other primary care physicians or specialists. Through the evaluation process, I sometimes find the need to request labs or studies which may include blood work, x-ray or MRI, in order to confirm or eliminate a potential diagnosis.  Injury, disease and aging sometimes cause symptoms that appear to be unrelated to the obvious medical condition of a patient. Complete and thorough investigation with neurological, physical, and mechanical examination can reveal an underling cause which may have a tremendous impact on the treatments I recommend, and their overall results.

Is Chiropractic Medicine?


I have read that, “The difference between traditional medicine and chiropractic medicine is the philosophy behind the medicine… conventional doctors localize the cause of the disease and treat it at its smallest region… chiropractors treat the body in a holistic nature…Chiropractors understand that it is important to not just treat the symptoms, but to resolve the underlying problems as well.” (ii) This begets the need for an integrative approach.

I am happy that, in my practice, I have found many area medical doctors who comprehend and embrace their patient’s need for a integrative approach, especially when confronted with challenging pain syndromes and symptoms related to injury, age or disease.

Having a strong cooperative professional relationship with area doctors has increased the success rate for my patients. It has also enabled my patients to benefit fully from the true and original intent of chiropractic medicine, to be administered in congress with other allopathic and complimentary treatment options.  

Explore Your Options

“Holistic” does not always mean that non-traditional medical care is the quintessential solution, but it does mean that the holistic physician treats the “whole” body. VLC offers patients the benefits of holistic primary care, state-of-the-art technology, experienced non-invasive pain management, and a variety of services that address our patient’s needs.

I encourage you to discuss your options with your medical doctor, investigate my website & blog, share my e-newsletters, and tell your friends and family about your experience with us. Or, stop by to see my facility, learn more about what we do, and discover Vital Link Chiropractic for yourself.

Each patient’s outcome is more important to me than retention or potential income. What is important to me, is you……..

J. Adam Wagner, D.C.


(ii) Chiropractic Controversy by Sarah Labdar

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